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Scaling for Impact​ Summit Evening Reception

Hosted By: USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia

Co-Hosted By: Concordia

This GPW-supported reception will kick start the week's two-day Summit and a three-day interactive training. The Summit component is open to external participants and will help attendees better understand the dynamics of a healthy innovation ecosystem and the roles, leverage points and interactions between various actors within the system; and will focus on how we can tackle barriers, create incentives, and build partnerships that will enable innovation ecosystems to flourish and to scale.

The Summit will also provide a unique opportunity to interact with people from a wide variety of organizations and sectors, including development professionals, accelerators and investors, researchers, donors and governments, innovators, and private sector partners.

The three-day interactive course is internally geared and will focus on supporting USAID staff to understand methodologies for sourcing and scaling innovations (e.g. prizes/challenges, systems mapping, innovative finance) and building partnerships, and will also explore USAID's role in the innovation ecosystem in more depth.

Free Event