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Achieving Scale in the Clean Cooking Sector: Lessons from Prakti on Impact, Scale, and Innovation

Hosted By: The Aspen Institute, Global Alliances Program

Co-Hosted By: Prakti Design

Did you know that 4 million premature deaths occur every year as a result of 3 billion people cooking their food over smoky open fires or inefficient cookstoves? Or that burning biomass for cooking in the developing world contributes 25-50% of total carbon dioxide emissions globally? Exposure to smoke from cooking is not only equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, but presents an economic burden for the world's poorest families, some of whom spend upwards of one-third of family income purchasing fuel or 3+ hours cooking a single meal due to inefficient cookstoves and traditional practices.

Prakti is a pioneering social enterprise that designs, manufactures, and distributes clean-burning and fuel-efficient cookstoves that reduce indoor air pollution by up to 90% and require 80% less fuel than traditional stoves. Since 2009, Prakti has leveraged user-centric methodology, locally-designed technology, state-of-the art engineering, and rigorous testing to develop eight diverse products spanning 12,000 end-users on 3 continents and 7 countries (Haiti, Congo, Sudan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and soon Nigeria!). A Sankalp Social Business Competition finalist, Clinton Global Initiative award-winner, two-time Unreasonable Institute selection, and a winner of the Inter-American Development Bank's IDEAS 2012 Innovation Prize
Join Prakti Co-Founder and CEO, Mouhsine Serrar and others, for an enlightening discussion of innovation, impact and challenges preventing scale of the clean cooking sector.

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