Delivering Inclusive Business for Sustainable Food Supply

Delivering Inclusive Business for Sustainable Food Supply

by TechnoServe

For millions of smallholder farmers across Africa, Asia and Latin America, commercial supply chains offer the potential for better, more stable livelihoods. Meanwhile, for many companies looking to do business in emerging markets, these farmers have the potential to be important suppliers or customers. And for a growing global population, improved smallholder productivity and connection to markets has the potential to satisfy our expanding need for food. In many cases, however, it has been difficult to turn this potential for a mutually beneficial relationship into action.

At TechnoServe, we worked with four companies on a series of projects that explored the specific obstacles to delivering business models inclusive of smallholder farmers and developed solutions to those challenges. We then developed public case studies to share lessons learned with other companies and stakeholders seeking to implement inclusive business models. While each company confronted challenges unique to its business and market, one recurring theme was the importance of identifying partners beyond the private sector to help effectively implement solutions.

To build on this finding and advance the conversation about engaging smallholders, Concordia and TechnoServe have organized an event, Delivering Inclusive Business for Sustainable Food Supply. Held as part of Global Partnerships Week, the forum will bring together representatives from leading companies, foundations and public-sector agencies to discuss how partnerships can help lead to more productive engagement with smallholders.

Learn more about the recent case studies published by TechnoServe in partnership with Coca-Cola and Kellogg.

As part of Global Partnerships Week 2017, TechnoServe will be hosting a Side Event in partnership with Concordia, Delivering Inclusive Business for Sustainable Food Supply, to explore avenues for inclusive business models.

To learn more, please contact Concordia's Director of Social Impact Hanne Dalmut,