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Strategic & Sustainable Development for a Unified Cyprus

  • Atlantic Council 1030 15th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20005 United States (map)

Hosted by Atlantic Council, Concordia, & One Cyprus Now

A Cyprus settlement could spur the development of offshore resources, infrastructure projects in roads and ports, growth in tourism and services, overall diversification of the economy, and the establishment of the island as a hub for international business in a dynamic, but turbulent, region. This event will convene a catalytic gathering of key leaders from the region, high-level U.S. and European officials, and private-sector stakeholders to galvanize international support for a reunified Cyprus and lay the groundwork for lasting peace and growing prosperity in the region.

Amid a climate of cautious optimism for a Cyprus settlement, the island’s social, environmental, and economic development must be raised as key post-conflict priorities. Cyprus could become Europe’s fastest-growing economy due to its strategic commercial, demographic, and geographic position, the nation must capitalize on these assets by promoting good governance and encouraging private sector investment for future growth. The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework in which decision-makers can shape and implement an agenda to maximize Cypriot potential. Collaboration across sectors and industries will be vital to stimulate sustainable economic development, support national security, and foster regional stability.

Participants will construct a set of recommendations for policy-makers and business leaders to advance priorities such as peace, trade, investment, energy, and infrastructure. These recommendations will later be presented and discussed by a panel of leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors, who will examine the challenges to and opportunities for their implementation.

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