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Leadership on SDGs through Social Enterprise Scale

Hosted By: ReachScale

The Sustainable Development Goals should be a driver of investment in sustainable models to solve the most intractable challenges—Which is what the most innovative social enterprises create. At the SDG launch during UN Opening Week, ReachScale participated in six conferences and over a hundred presentations without ever hearing the admonition to move resources to sustainable models.  

Yet the SDG commitments mean that the world needs trillions of dollars of high impact, sustainable/investable social enterprises.

SDG Opportunity: Recent India and South Africa visits leveraged collaboration opportunities across India and Africa around the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): See article co-authored with Amit Kapoor (Shared Value Initiative – India) for context:
How to make the SDGs Truly Sustainable: Social Entrepreneurs As Critical Achievement Engines 

Social Enterprise Lab for the SDGs: India and Africa are the largest social enterprise labs in the world. As such African and Indian leaders have the unique opportunity to leverage their own social enterprise innovators to make the Sustainable Development Goals actually sustainable. Taking advantage of this opportunity requires new structure and financial innovations that work together and enable groups of social enterprises to scale together. The roundtable will discuss the need identify these sustainable and scalable models and develop innovations and innovative finance that moves resources to replace unsustainable models with sustainable ones.