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Capturing Your Audience Through Storytelling

Hosted By: International diaspora Engagement Alliance (IdEA)

Co-Hosted By: Working Narratives

Paul VanDeCarr is managing director of Working Narratives, an organization that works with nonprofits, activists and social movements to “change the story” on the big social issues of our day. Through the arts and media, Working Narratives helps nonprofits communicate better about the work they do. Paul has worked in such storytelling forms as documentary film, oral history, and the theater. Read more about Working Narratives at

In this webinar, Paul will walk participants through a series of questions to evaluate and improve their storytelling, including: “What do you want to achieve?” “Who are you trying to reach?” “What is the central struggle in your story?” and “How do you get people to participate in the story?” Using real-world examples and questions submitted in advance of the webinar, we’ll look at how IdEA members can engage their constituencies through story.

Free Event